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Variety of plastic bags from Plus PackagingHere are just a few hints when purchasing a printed plastic bag:

  1. Choose the correct style printed plastic bag for your specific needs.
  2. Always print large enough on the bag so it can be read easily from a distance.
  3. When possible print on both sides of the bag.
  4. Make sure your bag is big enough to hold your product so that the seams do not split.
  5. Make sure that your bag is strong enough so that it can handle the weight or your product. Remember that if your bag rips, your product could be damaged.

There are many types of plastic material and additives that make available to you. For example, bags FDA approved for use in packaging food, EVA additives for strength, anti-static materials, high density, low density, polyethylene, polypropylene, and UVA light shielding materials to name a few. We also provide may different closures and other various options for these bags such as, lip and tape, resealable, heat sealable, with or without hang-holes, wicketted, and grometted bags just to name a few.

When making your selection it will be helpful to remember that our printed plastic bags are available in light shades such as clear, buff and white as well as a vast variety of dark shades such as yellow, navy, black, reflex blue, magenta, etc. You may also select from a wide variety of PMS Pantone inks including gold and silver. You may choose from an unlimited selection of printing fonts for your printed plastic bag needs. Once you have selected from this list of choices you need to know that we have the capabilities to do process printing up to 7 colors and the more popular line printing in up to 4 colors. Our workmanship is professional and backed by more than 23 years of experience. Think of it, because of this wide selection of options you can be creative and original. You are limited only by your own imagination! Your plastic bags will be noticed! Your company's name and logo will be remembered.

Please call us at 800-535-9550, fax us at 877-758-7754 or email us at for more information on plastic bags Plus Packaging offers. 

"How do I send you my artwork?" Here's how:

  1. Black and white camera-ready artwork with color separations. Camera ready artwork always produces the best results.
  2. If time is an issue you may email your artwork in Adobe Illustrator 8.0, Adobe Photoshop 4.0 or QuarkXpress for Windows. Please make your file extension a TIFF or GIF for easier access.
  3. If you require assistance with your artwork we have the capabilities to modify or touch up your existing logos at a reasonable cost. 

Our friendly, capable staff has a tremendous amount of information that they are eager to share with you. You will always get a "live" person to talk to…. NEVER voice mail. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are a customer oriented firm and make our first priority the customers needs. With quick quotes, fast delivery and quality products we are sure you will find Plus Packaging Inc. to be a top-notch supplier. By going to our main site, you will have the option of getting more detailed information on printed plastic bags, a full line of plastic bags, as well as other types of packaging and shipping supplies. Our site features a shopping cart, which allows you the opportunity to see pictures and pricing of our different printed plastic bags. If you are having trouble finding what you want, or have needs not addressed at our site please feel free to call our offices and our expert sales staff will assist you. Our goal is to establish a one on one relationship with you our client, to meet your exacting needs and secure your repeat business. Please call us at 800-535-9550, fax us at 877-758-7754 or email us at

Here are the questions we will ask for when you call to request a quote:

  1. Style of bag
  2. Size (Length x Width x Gusset if necessary)
  3. Thickness (Mil)
  4. High density or Low density
  5. Quantity
  6. Film Color
  7. # of Print Colors
  8. Process print or Line print
  9. 1 or 2 side printing
  10. Print Coverage %
  11. Camera ready artwork
  12. Deadline for delivery

Plus Packaging carries all of the packaging and shipping supplies your company will ever need. Check out the newest additions to the Plus Packaging Website.  Visit the new Printed Tape, Mailing Bags and Printed Plastic Bags sections of our main site.  Contact Plus Packaging at (800) 535-9550 or for more information on shipping bags.

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